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You Get What You Don't Pay For

Skimping on entertainment for your event is never a good idea.
Last year I was contacted through an online booking agency (think Angie's List for entertainers) to "bid" on a company party gig. It was in December but on a Friday night. I wasn'…

For What I'm Worth

Have you ever wondered why professional entertainers charge what they do?
For What I'm Worth. Why Professional Entertainers Charge What They Do. Pablo Picasso was once asked, "Why are you charging so much for that little painting?" Picasso replied, "I…

Coffee and Company Event Planning With a Sales and Marketing Director.

Today I had coffee and conversation with Diana, a sales and marketing director at a hotel / conference venue. We talked about hiring entertainment for company events.
What I learned about company party entertainment planning from Diana. Today I met with a Facebook friend who's the director of sales and marketing for a hotel and conference cent…