Low Price High School Hypnotist For Prom and Grad Nights

Feb 14, 2017

Do you really want to put the welfare and safety of your children in the hands of a bargain basement hypnotist?

I've been getting a few inquiries lately for post prom and post grad night hypnosis shows. These are the shows that take place in the middle of the night when students are locked in, keeping them out of trouble on the big nights of their high school careers.

Some of the inquiries are from people looking for the lowest priced hypnotist. I find that odd. Why would anyone put the welfare and safety of their children in the hands of the lowest bidder? Would they hire the cheapest surgeon to operate on their child? Or the cheapest babysitter? Or would they take their kids to the cheapest amusement park with the rickety rides? Maybe they would. But I wouldn't. Would you?

I'm just hoping the bargain basement hypnotists don't screw up. I was reading on one of the Facebook pages about a school district, somewhere in the Eastern U.S. that no longer books hypnotists because a few area schools had bad experiences with, guess what, an inexperienced and cheap hypnotist. Messed it up not only for the good hypnotists in the area, but also for the kids who no longer get to experience a fun form of entertainment, that they remember for a lifetime.

So... if you're a parent or committee member hiring a hypnotist for high school entertainment, be sure to look beyond the cost. Why skimp when your children are involved?

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