Company Event Hypnotist Shows - Why I Specialize

Feb 21, 2017

Hypnosis Shows for Your Company Event

Truly, a lot of company, corporate and convention event planners are hesitant to hire a hypnotist for their event. I get it.

There is an undeniable stigma about hypnosis and hypnotists. Some people think of hypnotism as spooky, others think of hypnosis shows as something for the high school, college and county fair crowd.

Years ago, when I started doing hypnosis shows, I decided to specialize in the company and association event market. (I'm still not sure if that was a smart decision, as I spend a lot of time educating my market on the benefits of hiring a hypnotist [ME!] for their event.

After doing over a hundred company and association events, I've found that everyone who's hired me (maybe not any other hypnotist) has been extremely happy with the show. Why?

Because I'm an adult who treats the audience as adults. And... I did not come from a kid show magic tricks background. (Most stage hypnotists came from that background, making them appropriate for high school shows but not company parties.) 

Also, I come from a stand up comedy background, and I know how to make adults laugh (which is usually different from making children laugh).

A lot of times their comments are something like, "The hypnotist treated us like children." Or... "We were jumping around too much, I'm too old for that." Know your audience!

If you're planning an event with adults, be sure to find an entertainer who specializes in that market. Contrary to what a lot of hypnotists believe, there's no "one size fits all." (Not in any area of life, really.) Do your due diligence, and hire someone who will relate with and engage your audience.



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