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Post Quips KICKSTARTER Campaign

Please help me fund my book publishing effort!
If you've found my website please help me fund my kickstarter campaign to fund my book of jokes and whitespace!   Click here to donate and buy a book: POST QUIPS Thank yo…

A Show I Didn't Do

Here's a story about a hypnosis show I didn't do.
A while back I got an inquiry for a company holiday party in Colorado. In La Junta from what I recall. It was a company that manufactured lockers for gyms, country clubs and the l…

Sight Lines

Making sure everyone can see the show.
I've done a couple of small private company party hypnosis shows recently and was reminded of something I forgot to cover in my book. That subject is sight lines. Both of th…

Jay's Holiday House Party Testimonial

Another video testimonial from a satisfied comedy hypnotist Rusty Z client!

Stiffed Happens

Stuck with a round trip ticket to Wichita.
Here's a little story (with a lesson attached): I was contacted by a woman working for a company in Wichita, KS asking if I was still available to do a hypnosis show for her co…