Why I Don't Do Mentalism or Magic Along With My Hypnosis Show

Mar 29, 2019

One thing for sure, a lot of stage hypnotists come from a magic tricks background. Others started in hypnotherapy. Some have zero entertaining experience at all! (I think they figured learning hypnosis was an easier way to get on stage than paying their dues in comedy clubs, learning magic tricks or practicing a musical instrument.)

But... we'll talk about the magicians this time.

I have no problems with magicians. Several of my friends are magicians. I can even do some magic tricks!

But I don't do them in conjunction with my hypnosis show. I prefer to build rapport with my audience by laughing with them instead of fooling them. Also, I believe hypnosis (or an altered state, at least) is "real," as is laughing. Magic tricks, for the most part are what they are, tricks. To me, combining magic with hypnosis makes the hypnosis look like it's also "just a trick."

I'm sticking with writing and telling jokes. That's my style and I believe it doesn't make hypnosis look like just another magic trick.


Category: Comedy Hypnosis

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