Budgeting For Company Party Entertainment

Oct 01, 2018

i get inquires, mostly from online booking agencies (think Angie's List for entertainers), almost every day. A lot of times the client states their budget, nothing wrong with that, I can always say "No", which I do quite often.

The thing that surprises me, though, is that it appears clients don't do any research as to what professional entertainers charge for their services. It's kind of like if they were in the market for a car they'd think they could get a new car for half of what a car really costs. 

I realize that most people sort of know what a car will cost and adjust their budget to fit the car. Hiring entertainers is a bit different, it's not something someone does on a regular basis. It's more like getting hip replacement surgery; who'd contact a surgeon and say, "I need a new hip but I'm only looking to spend $1200.00"? I like to think a little research would go into the equation.

So.... what do professional entertainers charge? Most comedians and hypnotists who I know who provide professional shows for smaller companies charge in the $1000.00 to $2000.00 plus travel expenses range. 

There, you have a starting point, and my ebook covers other genres of variety entertainer's fees. 


James Zingelman


James R. Zingelman is the "real" name of Hypnotic Comic Rusty Z.

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Posted by Alan on
Spot on! Thank you!
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