Being Funny When Your Heart Feels Sad

Jul 20, 2015

One of the challenges of being a comedian for a living, is being (and feeling) funny when your heart feels sad.

Of course life sends a little rain into everybody's life and most of us feel sad or depressed or unsettled at times.

With most other jobs (and I've had a few of them) you carry on through the sadness, and some of your co-workers (if you are lucky enough to have some good ones) give you the space and comfort you may need. Others may simply ignore you. But... you carry on your day, and no one expects you to be jolly.

This comedy career some of us have chosen, however, demands that we be funny, at least when we're expected to be (and paid to be). Sometimes that can be a challenge, but the true pros pull through.

It isn't always easy, making people laugh when all you want to do is cry. I remember times when I had to fight back the tears during my introduction, do my set, and hurry back to my hotel room before anyone in my audience noticed the tears beginning to well back up.

I'm proud to be in a profession that brings (even temporary) joy into the lives of others. But sometimes it takes everything I have.

"just like Pagliacci did, I try to keep my sadness hid" - Smokey Robinson

Category: Stand-Up Comedy

James Zingelman


James R. Zingelman is the "real" name of Hypnotic Comic Rusty Z.

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Posted by Cindy Falteich on
You always bring a smile to mind. :)
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