The 3 Things

Jan 20, 2014

Looking back on the almost 60 years I've spent on this planet, I regret not doing 3 things:


  1. Not Having Children.  I like kids and probably would have been a good dad. But I'll never know. The best I can do now is to help children who need help through mentoring, charities and just being a good adult. People who have booked me know that I give a deep discount for charity events. However, I normally only do fundraisers for animal and children charities. As my animals are my "children", I think both animals and children deserve a fighting chance in this often cruel world.
  2. Not Managing My Money Better.  I believe that may be a symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder. I've always made money, I've just had challenges hanging on to it. Now I've hired a manager and an ADD coach. Hopefully we can make my future more fiscally secure.
  3. Not Getting A College Degree.  My upbringing didn't value a college education. In fact, I heard repeatedly that college was for "spoiled rich kids." This is the easiest regret to rectify. I am starting towards a real, accredited degree. Although it's online, it is a real degree that will take me at least three years to complete. It may take longer, but working towards it is the goal, and it's a goal I can and will achieve.

Sometimes you have to just say, "What the heck. This is what I want and this is how I'll get it." It's never too late to start erasing those regrets we all have. 


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Posted by Carol on
I applaud you for not only your great hypno comedy shows, but also for going for it in order to erase your regrets. You are an inspiration in so many ways!
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